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Blueberry & Lemon Chia Jam

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

I tend to make a batch of my chia jam regularly so I can add it to my morning porridge, swirl through thick yoghurt or add to toast with almond butter.

Feel free to switch things up and change the fruits if you wish. If you prefer raspberries or strawberries, go for it, just make sure to keep it roughly to the same amounts.

Why Chia?

  1. Most people have probably heard of chia seeds by now; they’ve been circulating around the health industry for quite some time…

  2. These powerful seeds are extremely nutritionally dense. They provide a hit of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, they’re a ‘complete’ protein (meaning they contain all of the essential amino acids), they’re a great source of soluble fibre and also contain a range of vitamins & minerals including calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron – great for supporting hormonal health and our immune system.

  3. Chia seeds can absorb up to 10x their weight in water (creating a texture perfect for jam!)

You only need 4 ingredients:

30g chia Seeds

100g blueberries (I used fresh)

1/2 lemon (juice)

1 tsp honey/maple


As opposed to ‘regular jam’, there is no heat involved in my recipe

You will need a small bowl, a blender (I used a nutri-bullet) and cling film/tight wrapping to cover the bowl.

  1. In your blender, whiz the blueberries, sweetner and lemon juice together, plus 1 tbsp of water for a thin consistency.

  2. In a dish, pour the blended blueberry mixture in and add the whole chia seeds, mixing together thoroughly.

  3. Cover the top of your dish tightly, this’ll help speed the process of the chia ‘swelling’ to get that jammy consistency.

  4. Leave in the fridge for preferably 2-4 hours or overnight for the flavours to fully absorb and the texture to become nice and thick like jam.

  5. You’ll know when it’s ready, you’ll be able to turn the dish horizontally without the jam falling out (be careful when testing…!)

If your final result is still a little watery, no problem - just add a little more chia to absorb the excess water.

Keep your jam stored in the fridge, it should last for around a week.

Enjoy this deliciously fruity, healthy jam with the fab benefits from chia seeds!

I love a a good dollop of this jam topped on my overnight oats as pictured below, the combination of textures and flavour is a winner.

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