My Approach

Professional, compassionate, non-judgemental

Using evidence based nutritional science, I provide a personalised, holistic approach to optimise both men and women’s health through practical nutrition and lifestyle changes that you can realistically incorporate into your world.


The food and wellness industry have become fussy and faddy, with internet gurus promoting rigid diets or the next miracle product in which claims don’t stack up to research – this is not what I am about. An aspect of my practice which I find greatly rewarding is helping my clients discover a nourishing, maintainable and importantly enjoyable way of eating which addresses their health and becomes a natural habit of life, not a short-term commitment or diet. No fads!

What we put into our bodies is just as important as our relationship with food and qualified, registered nutrition practitioners are your go to when it comes to our precious health.

My approach is person-centred and compassionate; I recognise that each person is biochemically unique. An intervention which may benefit one person can be totally ineffective for another. This is why a personalised approach is essential.

Who is nutritional therapy suitable for?

Nutritional therapy is suitable for anyone. From those with fatigue and skin troubles, those seeking weight management support, to chronic health and gut disorders, or those requiring hormonal support for hypothalamic amenorrhoea or the transition through menopause (click here for areas I can help with).


I additionally have clients who enjoy visiting me purely for preventative measures and healthy ageing considerations.

I have a particular interest in women’s health, skin and hormonal balance, fatigue and emotional well being, and wholesome nutrition for supporting the everyday individual looking to restore some balance amongst the chaos in our increasingly face-paced lives.

About Lucy Francis

My route into nutrition has been influenced by a number of things, each proving to myself in a way, the need for gaining some control over my future health and happiness, and to support others around me to do the same for themselves.

From personal struggles with my own health – I used to suffer with terrible acne and a hormonal imbalance (I have a more detailed post on this here), to seeing loved ones in my family suffer with autoimmune disorders, under a lot of stress and trying to cope with symptoms. 

I decided to train as a nutritionist, as understanding more about this complex piece of machinery (our body!) and it’s performance from the influence of food and lifestyle choices was something which excited and fascinated me and continues to do so.


My absolute love for delicious food and joy for cooking from a young age gradually saw the two meet without me really realising.

I enrolled into 3 years of training at the renown College of Naturopathic Medicine in London specialising in nutrition from a holistic and science-based approach, incorporating human anatomy and physiology, pathology, biochemistry, clinical skills and nutritional science. It additionally required 2 years of supervised clinical observation and practice prior to qualifying. Alongside this, I also undertook training with the IFM and graduated their Applying Functional Medicine In Clinical Practice, 2018 program.

I am fully insured and registered with professional body, BANT and the CNHC which ensures the highest standards of competence and professional practice. 

I also attend regular CPD training with established health institutes, laboratories and nutritional seminars to continually expand my knowledge and keep up to date with the latest research.

I work 1:1 with clients with a diverse range of conditions and health goals to support them back to good health. Alongside my clinical work, I also work part-time as a nutritionist for Zebedees, one of the UK’s leading nursery meal providers, helping to create balanced meals for toddlers in line with the Eat Better, Start Better guidelines.

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