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Lucy’s ‘Chuck It All In’, Speedy Lunch Method

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

A simple, speedy and tasty lunch.

Lunch times can be tricky when you’re busy working, especially from home (I find that my clients struggle with lunch times more than other meal during the day!) Time just flies by and before you know it, you’re verging on hangry, looking for something quick and energising, battling with the idea to reach for a sugary snack to fill the gap which let’s face it, is not sustaining or nutritious.

I have the solution. My ‘Chuck It All In’ Lunch; it takes all of 10 mins, it’s delicious, provides great balanced fuel (complete protein, fats, carbohydrates and powerful polyphenols) for keeping blood sugar and energy stable through the afternoon. This could also make a great brekkie!

You will need:

2-3 whole eggs

Your choice of at least 3 veggies (the more colours the better!)

1 tsp of 2-3 different ground spices in the cupboard – I recommend ground turmeric, garlic powder and paprika

1-2 tsp olive oil or butter

1-2 pieces of dense rye/sourdough toast

Garnishes of choice: Broccoli sprouts, kimchi, sauerkraut, fresh parsley or coriander, a dollop of hummus…


Slice your bread and pop into the toaster

In a non-stick pan, add the oil or butter. Roughly chop and add in your veggies of choice. Bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, onion and/or cherry tomatoes work well.

Whisk and add in the eggs and spices and combine, scrambling gently until cooked.

Pop your veggie-egg scramble onto the pieces of toast, add your garnishes, dig in.


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