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Nutrition Tips For Easing A Hangover

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Groggy head? Nauseous? Not feeling your best?

After consuming alcohol, there’s a few things our body could really benefit from to help us feel back to our healthy selves again!

Below are my top tips to help ease a hangover situation…

  1. Water! Perhaps obvious, but alcohol is a diuretic and it’s vital we rehydrate our cells to help us feel more clear headed and regain some energy.

  2. B vitamins: B vitamins are crucial for energy production and nerve transmission. Whole grains (brown rice, oats, bread) and fibrous beans contain a variety of B’s (possibly part of why carbs are particularly ‘craved’ during a hangover!) so make sure to get these in.

  3. Protein: Whilst the nutrients present in fruits and veggies are of course vital for assisting detoxification processes, a lot of the vitamins you may hear about for this process predominantly support phase 1 detoxification. Don’t forget about your amino acids (the building blocks of protein). For phase 2 detoxification to function optimally, we need cysteine, taurine, methionine, glycine and the branch chain AA’s. Eggs are a highly digestible source of protein and contain cysteine and sulphur (another star player for phase 2), helping to rid alcohol waste product, acetyladyhyde from the body.

  4. Up the cruciferous veggies: cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower contain glucosinolates, a group of antioxidant compounds which can support the livers natural detoxifying process  (inducing that phase two state as previously mentioned), giving the immune system a helping hand.

  5. Electrolytes: Important for conducting electrical impulses throughout the body, helping to ease muscle cramps and lethargy. Coconut water, dark leafy greens, bananas and avocado contain a balance of electrolytes to help replenish depleted stores – why not make a hydrating smoothie and add some of these foods in?

  6. Movement: Get the body moving and sweat it out! Just make sure to prioritise water and electrolytes during, so you don’t dehydrate further. Listen to your body and don’t ‘over do it’ with exercise if you’re feeling particularly fragile – A gentle walk and sofa snuggles are perfectly acceptable!

  7. Rest + chill out: Hydrating well, good nutrition and good old rest is key. Focus on a balance of nutrients through the diet rather than worrying to purchase targeted supplements (unless advised by a professional) – the body is pretty good at getting rid of what it doesn’t want, acutely.

Personally, I don’t drink much alcohol. But when I do…

Here’s my typical go to routine:

  1. First thing’s first: Get up, drink 2 large glasses of water (with an extra b complex supplement that day + occasionally an electrolyte supplement, typically magnesium glycinate).

  2. First meal: Either something like eggs + mushrooms on toast with greens (spinach is easy to add in here), or a hearty bowl of porridge with berries and some protein powder mixed in (containing those amino acids mentioned).

  3. Get out in the fresh air and walk! Nothing too aggressive, just some gentle movement to get the blood flowing and oxygen to my tissues – always with a water bottle in hand!

  4. Followed by a total chill out and *ideally* a roast supper – comfort at its best, am I right?!

There is no magic trick for getting rid of a hangover but some common sense and implementing some of these dietary tweaks may just help ease the burden.

Hope this helps!


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