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My Current Skincare Products

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Hey all,

Following on from my last post regarding nutrition for skin health, I thought I’d share a few of the products I’ve used and still use now, that I’ve found to help my skin alongside adjusting my nutrition. My previous work involved working for a private dermatology clinic alongside leading skin consultants which has in turn definitely provided me some knowledge to care for my skin and understand what may suit it more, as well as what I’ve learnt through my own studies and research.

The skin is the largest external organ of the body and being completely exposed to the world, it deals with enough toxins and pollutants from our environment. I aim to keep my skincare relatively simple to support and give it some love!

One big tip is to always wear spf 50 on the face, always. I was kindly given samples by La Roche Posay – they have a great tinted sunscreen from the Anthelios range which is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t block pores).

From an acneic point of view, medicine can of course be an option depending on the severity of your skin and whether you’ve tried other options which have perhaps been ineffective. I used to really struggle with spots and experimented with various topical lotions over the years to reduce the appearance of them, however I decided to stop wasting my money on ‘quick fix’ products (which had quite the opposite of a quick fix) and become more open minded to alternative solutions.

Although the main game changer for me (see my previous blog post here), was through changing my diet (I believe in working from the inside out to address potential imbalances first), I’ve found a few products which have helped improve my skin’s texture, glow and the maintenance of happy skin, therefore becoming staples in my skincare routine.

Remove & Cleanse:

When I wake up I splash cold water on my face and use Micellar Water to remove any build up from overnight. It’s gentle and effective, leaving no sting or itch. I don’t really wear much makeup, I like a fresh look during the day and will jazz it up more in the evening if I have something on/for a special occasion. If I have worn more makeup than usual (or just fancy a more luxurious double cleanse), I sometimes use Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser; It’s organic with ethically sourced ingredients made in Britain and feels gorgeous on my skin.


The Ordinary have some brilliant products which I’ve been trying for the last few months. I like their Ascorbic Acid (vitamin c) solution as it provides a specific concentration shown for effectiveness topically. I also use glycolic acid (advised by one of the dermatology consultants at my previous workplace) – on alternate evenings. In the morning I use The Ordinary B3 + Zinc serum before my moisturiser, these two nutrients have shown in research to support the skin barrier and may reduce acne breakouts.


I’m currently using a Spanish founded brand awarded for their ecological/organic products – Beaute Mediterranea Regenerative Cream. It contains glycolic acid and helix aspersa müller (snail extract with seemingly some interesting healing properties). It’s so incredibly soft and super hydrating – the main thing is that it’s not irritating to my sensitive skin. I like it.

Girly extras:

I like to call these my girly extras; not essential, but a treat to use now and then. A good face mask is always fun for a pamper when I have time. I love to use Liz Earles’ green clay mask which is amazing at drawing out impurities from the skin if it’s a little congested.

Organic Argan oil can be super effective as a serum and is reasonably priced too (just make sure it’s the pure stuff). For centuries, women across the Mediterranean used Argan oil in their beauty regimes for healthy hair, skin, eyelashes, to eat (drink?) – you name it. You can also use avocado oil, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E – I just use it from my kitchen cupboard! 1 tsp is all you need – really massage it in to the skin to work it’s magic, just make sure to wash it off instead of sleeping in this one… you may want to save your sheets from turning yellowish-green (previous experience, oops).

*I thought I may add that this post is not sponsored in any way – I’ve bought all these products myself unless stated otherwise so everything written is an honest review.

What are your favourite skincare products?

L x

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