I write a variety of evidence-based articles, provide social media nutrition content for Instagram and blogs, and feature in interviews and editorials across the media - most recently I featured on ITV Meridian News.


Please get in touch via email on my contact page if you'd like my input on a certain topic. 

I work with businesses and brands in the food/nutrition/wellness industry, such as for cafes, menu developments and schools or nurseries, guiding and supporting them in providing nutritionist approved and allergy friendly options, plus advice for consumers.


I am able to host a variety of nutrition talks and workshops in various settings such as offices, gyms, at wellness events and at nurseries/schools (via Zoom is possible too!)


Topics may include: eating for energy, nutrition to boost brain performance, plant-based nutrition considerations, fertility and the menopause and educational content for schools 

If you have a particular topic in mind, just drop me a message as I am able to tailor workshops to fit your need.